Travelers Rest Animal Hospital Veterinary Services:
You and Your Pet Can Rest Easy

We believe in offering the best possible medical care, nutrition, grooming, and education to our clients and their pets. We strive to help you keep him or her healthy and happy through proper care at home and when visiting our hospital.

Travelers Rest Animal Hospital provides the following services to its clients:

Allergy Care & Treatment
Allergies can make anyone uncomfortable, and your pet is no different. We provide testing and immunotherapy to determine the cause of your pet’s allergies and eliminate the problem.
Boarding & Grooming
Being able to relax when you are traveling is easy when you can trust that your pet is being cared for by compassionate professionals. We know that a trip to the groomer or a stay in a boarding facility can be stressful. Our staff and our facility make the experience as enjoyable as a day at the spa!
Dental Care
Good dental health is an important part of your pets overall well-being. We provide cleanings and extractions as well as home dental care products and education.
Even the healthiest pet may feel under the weather from time to time. Our in house diagnostics lab and expert staff will figure out what is wrong and get your pets back on their paws again.
Emergency & Critical Care
No one plans for an emergency, but when one happens you can rest assured that we are here to help, any hour of any day.
End of Life Care
Dealing with the decisions involved in end of life care for your beloved pet is never easy. We are here to help you make these difficult decisions with compassion and understanding.
General Surgery
Our expert staff of veterinarians and technicians will make sure your pet is well cared for and pain free during surgery. We understand that even the simplest procedure can cause you to worry and we are here to help every step of the way.
Orthopedic Surgery
Orthopedic problems can occur due to injury or as part of the aging process. We have the expertise to repair many orthopedic issues surgically. Our goal is to get your pet up and going again.
Internal Medicine
From arthritis to diabetes, our veterinarians will diagnose and treat your pet and get him or her feeling as normal as possible, as soon as possible.
Proper nutrition is important to your companion. The correct diet can both prevent and treat disease. We are here to help you make the right nutritional decisions for your pet’s optimum health.
Pain Management
Effective pain management can vastly improve your pet’s quality of life. Keeping your pet pain free is an important aspect of his or her care.
Preventive Care
Preventing problems is easier than treating them once they have occurred. A routine well visit will let us take care of potential health issues before they become serious.
Radiology & Ultrasound
We use advanced radiology and ultrasound equipment, and the skilled staff to use it effectively. This allows us to quickly diagnose and treat whatever is causing your pet’s illness.
Maintaining a proper vaccination schedule is vital to the health of your pet.

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Each stage of your pet’s life requires specific care. These links will help you understand the needs of your pet for each stage of life he or she is experiencing.

Puppy & Kitten Care
Your new family member is growing and developing quickly. Make sure that he or she has the proper vaccinations, nutrition, and training to grow up strong and healthy.
Senior Pet Care
An older pet needs special care to make sure that small problems do not become life threatening issues. Proper geriatric care can keep your pet happy and healthy well into their senior years.

" Thank you for being the best vet ever!! "

" My heart is full and grateful for everyone there. Thank you for taking care of my girl, I could never fully express what it means to me. "

" Love taking care of the bill while still in the exam rooms! Great idea! "

" We just wanted you to know how much we appreciated all you did for our precious kitty & for us. Thank you. We love you. "

" Thank you CPAH in TR!! Each and everyone of you are very special to our family. "

" Please know from the bottom of my heart, to the moon and back you are much loved and truly amazing. "

" Absolutely love this hospital!! "

" I still am grateful for how wonderful you and your staff have been to me and my kids "

" Everyone is very professional and reflects well for the company. "

" A special thank you to everyone! No improvement needed! Great place! "

" Your staff worked our sick pet in on a busy day without an appointment, and I was very appreciative of their willingness and ability to do that. "

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