Pet Nutrition:
Keeping Travelers Rest Dogs and Cats at Optimal Health

Travelers Rest Veterinary Nutrition Photo

Our pets must eat whatever food we provide for them. They do not have the luxury of being picky or telling us they are “watching their weight,” or only want organic food. As such we have the responsibility of making sure we are providing our pets with the best food for their age, breed and other needs.

Weight-Related Concerns

Obesity and diabetes are serious health conditions that are on the rise for pets as well as people. Often we are too busy to take our pets for a walk or play with them in the house or backyard. If their eating habits do not change with a drop in activity level, they will be more likely to develop obesity and or diabetes.

Talk with your veterinarian if you are concerned about your pet’s weight. He or she can let you know if your pet’s weight is within safe limits and if there are indications of diabetes. We carry food specially formulated for weight control and diets that are created with the diabetic pet in mind.

Nutrition and Allergies

For many pets, skin allergies and gastric issues can be caused by an allergy to a particular food ingredient. Grocery store feed brands tend to have fillers and preservatives that many cats and dogs are sensitive to. We carry feed that does not contain these ingredients and can help your pet feel much better very quickly.

Some pets also suffer from kidney disease or other diseases that can be made worse by grocery store feed brands. Special, prescription foods are used to help control these diseases. These specially formulated feeds are only available with a prescription, and only through your veterinarian.

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