Quality Orthopedic Services for Travelers Rest Pets

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Broken bones can happen in the most unlikely ways for our pets. A particularly energetic jump off the front porch, a failed attempt to jump a fence or the all too common run in with a car can all cause serious orthopedic injuries. Sometimes these injuries will heal correctly with external stabilization (a cast) and rest, but sometimes the more serious injuries or those that just will not heal require surgical repair.

Orthopedic surgery is complex and detailed work. Depending upon the seriousness of the injury, a fracture can require pinning or plating to stabilize the bones enough to allow them to heal.

Orthopedic Surgical Repair

Some pets require orthopedic surgery to correct damage to soft tissues such as tendons, muscles and ligaments. Typically this type of surgery is only necessary after a period of conservative treatment has failed. Conservative treatment can include rest, anti-inflammatory medications, casting or bracing of the affected joint.

Do not allow your pet to suffer needlessly! If he or she is limping for more than a day, it is time to get veterinary assistance. Oftentimes our pets will try to behave as if they are not in pain. This can lead to untreated fractures or soft tissue damage that can become a serious health problem.

Advanced Orthopedic Surgical Techniques

We are very thankful to have Dr. Kelley Phillips on our team of skilled veterinary orthopedic surgeons. Dr. Phillips is experienced at repairing damaged cranial cruciate ligaments (CCL) in dogs.

For these exacting surgeries she uses the “Securos” system of specialized equipment and hardware, specially designed to restore CCL function in dogs weighing up to 80 pounds and cats. Before the Securos system was designed, the only option for CCL repair required a complete re-engineering of the joint and was often unsuccessful.

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