Stop the Itch: Allergy Care and Treatment for Pets

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There are many causes of allergies that can make our pets uncomfortable or even jeopardize their health. When dealing with an allergy problem, the first step is to determine what is causing the problem.

Common Allergy Causes for Pets:

Flea infestations can cause serious skin issues in sensitive animals.
Environmental Allergies
Much like people, some pets are allergic to common household or yard allergens.
Many pets are allergic to common pet food ingredients.

Flea Allergies

Flea allergies can cause serious skin problems for many pets. For those that are very sensitive, even one fleabite can turn into a serious skin infection.

We can help you design a flea prevention program that will keep your pet comfortable and prevent painful skin irritation. In some cases, medical treatment may be necessary to address skin infections or severe itching.

Preventing and treating flea allergies will help your pet regrow a healthy coat and keep the skin underneath healthy and comfortable as well.

Environmental Allergies

Just like humans, pets can suffer from allergies caused by irritants in their environment. Sometimes these allergies are hard to identify, which can leave our pets suffering unnecessarily.

We will be glad to perform a simple blood test that will pinpoint exactly what is causing your pet to be uncomfortable. Once the allergens have been identified, we can create an immunotherapy serum that is injected into your pet to relieve his or her discomfort.

Food Allergies

Many pets suffer from allergic reactions that are caused by ingredients found in the food they eat. Most grocery store brands contain ingredients such as fillers, dyes, or even main components of the food that are known allergens.

We offer high quality feeds that will meet your pet’s nutritional needs and do not contain these allergens. Our doctors can also prescribe diets for pets with more serious food allergies that do not contain the specific ingredients your pet is allergic to.

Treating your pet’s allergies is important in order to maintain healthy skin, coat, and digestive track. The first step is to identify the allergen that is causing the problem and then to take the necessary steps to remove that allergen from your pet’s environment. In the case of unavoidable allergens, immunotherapy is available to help your pet live a happier, healthier life.

Call today and schedule an appointment with our expert veterinarians. We will make sure that your pet’s allergies are treated quickly and effectively.

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